How do we pack our products?

Packing is one of the most sensitive points when dealing with importing goods. At the end of the day if your goods don't arrive at your destination intact, then what is the point of importing them in the first place!

Packing is a process that must be taken seriously and carried out with care. At Kenstones we pride ourselves with our packing method and it has proven itself to be reliable, long lasting and appealing to the eye.

Our packing design and its sturdiness enables high stacking for your warehouse stocking:

  • Up to 8 crates stacked vertically 
  • Up to 6 pallets stacked vertically

The structural integrity of our packing reduces the amount of lateral warping minimizing the deformations occurring due to the lateral loads induced during transit. 

The strapping method used in our packing contributes fundamentally in containing the internals from undesired motion provoked by inertial displacements. This is done by using high tensile strength resistance straps combined with heavy duty stainless steel strapping buckles along with plastic corner-belt protectors to eliminate any movement or slippage that would lead to damaged goods. 

What is the point of a packing without appealing attributes! We strongly believe that an attractive packing will always stand out and lead our customers to convert more sales. For this reason, we do not leave out the minor details that contribute to an enticing packing such as:

  • The color of the strapping.
  • The strapping combinations and patterns that are made primarily to ensure strong and secure anchoring while also contributing to its external look and style.
  • Even the plastic corner-belt protectors and the stainless steal buckles placement are positioned in a way to achieve the best securing results while preserving its appeal.



  • We also go the extra length by providing a bespoke packing service allowing our customers to have their branding and warehousing information printed out in labels and attached to their ordered products' packing.