What is your production lead time?

We typically fall within a 4 to 6 weeks production period per ordered container for all our products.

What is your average response rate to your quotation requests?

It takes us 24 - 48 hours to send a quotation to our customers.

What is your minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is one fully loaded container. The container can be loaded with different variants of our products or fully loaded with one single product.

What are your production shut down periods during the year?

Our factory shuts down during the Moroccan religious holiday (Eid Al Addha) for 3 working days.

Which shipping company do you recommend?

We do not contract the shipping companies. Our clients choose their own shipping company for their shipments.

Do your quote prices include shipping?

The prices mentioned in our quotes are FOB prices (€ currency).

Are your products suitable for indoors or outdoor applications?

Our products have been purchased from customers scattered all around the world. They have been used for indoors as well as outdoors. We have not received any complaints or reclamations regarding the suitability of our products. Yet, we strongly recommend our customers to carry out their own Geotech results in order to exclude Kenstones from any liability.

Are your products suitable for flooring or cladding applications?

All our products are suitable for flooring and cladding applications. Make sure to select the appropriate variants in terms of their thickness in order to meet your local building code regulations and standards. 

What is your bestseller?

Our products are commercialized globally. Our wide variety collection offers enough variants to satisfy all tastes and trends. It is safe to say that all our products have an equal popularity amongst our range.

What is the most commonly ordered thickness?

15mm is the most commonly ordered thickness amongst our product range.

What is the most commonly ordered format?

The free length x 400 mm is the most commonly ordered format amongst our product range.

Can you put your customers brand name and company details on the packing (crates/pallets) of their orders?

Yes, we do offer custom branding labels on our packing with our customer details. Our customers send us a bespoke template which we use to label the packing of their order.

Is the wood used for you packing compliant with worldwide phyto sanitary regulations and standards?

Yes, the wood packing material (WPM) we use to make our packing has the following rating NIMP 15 / (ISPM 15) which is compliant worldwide. 

How high can your packing be stacked vertically?

    • Pallets can be stacked 6 units high vertically.
    • Crates can be stacked 8 units high vertically.

Can you manufacture bespoke dimensions, formats and finishes?

Yes, we produce many custom products for many of our customers. Feel free to send us your requirements and we will produce them tailored to your needs.

On average, how many square meters are packed per pallet/crates?

This depends on the desired thickness. If you scroll down to shipping information available on each product variant page of our website you can find the amount of square meters per packing for the standard 15 mm thickness.