Kenstones is the product of a long development process of a set of competencies in the treatment of ornamental stones. 

In the 1980s, the company participated in the research for mineral deposits, namely of marble and granite, which led in 1989 to the opening of many quarries situated mostly within the middle atlas.

In 1991, the first factory of treatment sees the day with the foundation of a distribution for national clients followed thereafter by an international coverage.

In 2005, its capacity was increased by the acquisition of a new production unit situated along the Rabat-Fes highway.

Subsequently, in 2014, the capacity was further augmented by the acquirement of another factory in the industrial zone of Ain Atiq.

Whilst, monopolizing the local sector, namely in the production and installation of stones in the vast immerging projects of Morocco, Kenstones, likewise, directed its competencies to undertake the international market by transforming its native materials to fulfill, accordingly, the growing demands of antiqued & aged stones cementing the greatness of stone.

Today, due to its infrastructure, experience and know how, Kenstones can mobilize variable resources to accomplish various types of projects regardless of the multiple challenges and defying timescales.